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Access to forward thinking services and solutions strengthened by time-honoured heritage and a global network.

Sterling House Trust was formed with the goal to provide solutions to the challenges our international clients face, such as tax exposures, language barriers, residential status and other legal requirements.

Our clients may have a wide variety of objectives including international asset protection, multi-jurisdictional reporting requirements and the cross-border management of global businesses.

We take a long-term view to protect our clients and help them achieve their respective goals with a range of solutions for them and their family members.

In addition, Sterling House Trust combines an innovative approach to alternative assets with a market leading fintech platform.

Clients are able to invest in market leading international solutions outside of their own domestic jurisdictions, that are often only available to institutional investors.

Sterling House Trust are specialists in international asset protection and provide clients with the most effective and reliable channels to hold their assets securely.

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