Exclusivity at the forefront of our approach

Clients of Sterling House Trust can benefit from financial opportunities typically only available to institutional and professional investors

Sterling House Trust provides access to global solutions that are typically reserved for major financial institutions. By optimising across a global network, clients can receive a thorough review of available opportunities to ensure an appropriate investment solution.

The broad range of opportunities available means that Sterling House Trust can adapt to evolving market conditions to help clients reach their long-term investment objectives.

Beyond this, Sterling House Trust’s core strength is its ability to consistently evolve its proposition, ensuring clients can obtain their long-term objectives.

Series 1 – Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations are utilised globally to assist clients protect their wealth and transfer assets across generations. Primarily used for asset protection, they also allow individuals to set clear instructions as to how future generations can benefit from their assets.

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Series 2 – Special Purpose Vehicles

Special Purpose Vehicles, or “SPVs” are one of the most common ways to make an acquisition across the globe. They are an effective tool to manage many double taxation and trade agreements and used for all asset classes. SPVs incorporated in carefully selected jurisdictions can be beneficial for not just acquisitions but also for asset protection and asset transfer purposes.

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Series 3 – Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning

Families across the globe face similar challenges when considering personal estate and business succession planning. The considerations are extensive and good counsel is imperative to ensure that wealth and businesses are carefully passed on to future generations, enabling them to prosper and for assets to continue to grow.

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Series 4 – Residency

With geopolitical uncertainty at its peak in a generation, families are focusing on their residency status and options. Objectives vary from freedom to travel, access to schools or universities, retirement plans and contingency for unforeseen political risk are among the main concerns. Residency options are available throughout Europe, Australasia, South East Asia, South and North America and the Caribbean and are often provided alongside an international asset protection vehicle.

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Series 5 – Banking Services and Foreign Exchange

Having relationships with reliable and trustworthy banks and financial service operators is integral to any international asset protection proposition. Clients expect to have access to accounts for international payments, multi-currency cards which link to global ATM networks, first class foreign exchange solutions and 24/7 access to balances and statements.

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Series 6 – Property

Real Estate holdings are often an important part of any family’s long-term strategy. Property interests and acquisitions range from commercial or residential buildings to agricultural, holiday units, leisure or trophy assets. Some clients prefer property acquisitions to enhance their portfolio but also to make use of, such as purchasing hotels, holiday villas or golf resorts.

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Series 7 – Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are often only made available to institutional and professional investors. They go beyond the standard asset classes of stocks, bonds and mutual funds and can include a vast array of assets. They often require high minimum investment sizes and a significant amount of due diligence, but if structured correctly can provide attractive returns and diversification as there is often low correlation to standard asset classes.

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Series 8 – Risk Management

Risk management for individuals and families is a vital component for any activity. Risks that need to be addressed and mitigated include jurisdictional, geopolitical, investment, credit, government overreach and acts of war. It is important that structures are put in place to isolate and protect assets from such occurrences.

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Series 9 – Financing & Services

Financing new assets or re-financing existing assets to release collateral is a key element in the majority of acquisitions. Options need to be carefully considered to ensure the optimal management of the underlying assets. Specialist service providers are available to take care of every individual component to ensure the smooth operations. These include services such as aircraft or ship management – taking responsibility for the maintenance, crew and all operational matters.

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